How Not To Fail When Writing a Dissertation

This is always the most complex and interesting task for an aspiring student. After all, writing a dissertation is your first step into your own research. Here’s where you get your first carte blanche on research and all the means you need.

Actually, writing a dissertation is not a start. Many students research deeper and deeper into a particular subject in essays, term papers, courseworks and in the end – writing dissertations. It is the best way for someone to dedicate himself to one matter he wants to become expert in. In such a case, the dissertation is just another step – a higher level or a deeper understanding of your specialty.

So, you’re getting your dissertation writing task and you’re not among those dedicated ones? No problem! Here are a few starting tips to get you into shape, so you’ll have no troubles from the very beginning.

Stick to your own style. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to insert jokes or puns into a dissertation, like you may have done in essays, but using your own style is essential. The reason is simple – it’s your comfortable writing state, when you just sit and casually work for hours without feeling too much strain or anything. While in the aforementioned state, you can maintain the maximum efficiency and make keep your own positive attitude to the paper. This is important, because if you’re not interested in the subject – the reader will surely feel the same about it. Believe us on that – we’ve seen interesting papers on Quantum Mechanics and Applied Cryogenics.

Write out all the task requirements as well as format regulations, because you don’t want a generally good work to fail, right? The problem is that while in lesser papers, like essays, the format may sometimes be overlooked in favor of the overall paper quality, writing dissertations requires ruthless precision. Everything should be “by the book”, without any inconsistencies or errors. A dissertation is a serious academic work – remember that while you’re writing.

Be precise when citing your sources. Why? Because if you get accused in plagiarism when writing a dissertation, you’re pretty much done as a scientist. Even if the accusation will be revoked, everyone will gossip about it. They’ll say stuff like “he plagiarized his dissertation…or not, don’t remember, but something unpleasant happened for sure!” – and that will be the end of you as a scientist, that’s a guarantee.

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