Good Topics for Descriptive Essays: 20 Great Suggestions

Descriptive essays are a type of writing assignment that requires students to use highly descriptive language to describe something – an object, a place, a person, an emotion, an experience, etc. – thus challenging students to write creatively and imaginatively. The best essays come from writing about something students really find interesting or care about, so we’ve come up with 20 great suggestions to consider:

  1. Describe your favorite item from the classroom and explain why it means so much to you.
  2. What is the scariest place you have ever been to? Did you go there of your own volition or did some other factor make you go?
  3. Describe a memorable experience or special time you had with members of your family.
  4. Write about a family tradition that you believe is uniquely yours? How is it so different from what other families do?
  5. Do you remember a time when something completely unexpected happened? Describe it.
  6. Describe a moment when you were completely embarrassed about something that happened.
  7. Describe your favorite holiday and explain why it holds such a high importance in your family or personal life.
  8. Look at your past school photos and describe the one that is your favorite explaining why.
  9. Consider people you’ve learned about in history class and describe the person you want to meet the most.
  10. Describe the kind of fashion style you would embrace the most if you can travel to any point in time.
  11. Describe the one person who you would miss the most if you suddenly had to move to another city.
  12. Think about an older relative and describe how they were just like you at your current age.
  13. Take a step back and describe your favorite place in the world. How do you convince others to visit?
  14. Describe the methods in which you travel around town. How does this affect or influence the person you are?
  15. If you had the opportunity to bury something in a time capsule what would it be? How would you describe it to others?
  16. Select a piece of food you’ve eaten recently and describe the ways in which it should be enjoyed by others.
  17. Describe a place that deeply terrified you. What were the circumstances that brought you there?
  18. Describe the first car you ever owned. How does it differ from your ideal car? What made it different from other cars?
  19. Describe a time when you were really afraid of something. Did you behave or act differently because of this fear?
  20. Describe a favorite food you’ve had from a different country? Do authentic restaurants exist near you that can prepare the same quality meal?