Things To Avoid While Writing An Essay On Organ Donation

Organ donation is a very important and vital matter that can save lives of many patients owing to other people’s generosity. Are there really any issues that shouldn’t be discussed in your essay dedicated to this procedure?

The Essence and Peculiarities of an Essay as an Academic Project

When you compose such a paper, you express your point of view rather than retranslate the opinion of other researchers put in a certain order and connected in a certain way. When you write about organ donations, you render reliable facts taken from reference sources but the essence of your project is your opinion and your perception of the subject.
Depending on the type of your project (informative, persuasive, argumentative, narrative, etc.), your paper’s going to have a specific structure and specific argumentation. In this connection, you need to remember that there’re points that should better be avoided in your paper in order to avoid misconception of your ideas and your goal.

What Should Better Be Avoided in an Organ Donation Essay

  • Religious beliefs.
  • Your audience most likely consists of people who belong to different religious confessions. Driving the whole research to one religious point and forgetting others is an utterly poor idea. You surely can mention religions and their attitude to organ donations b only if you mention several ones, are polite and respectful enough, and don’t render any personal judgements on the given beliefs. Such an aspect of the subject should better be avoided, though.

  • Ethic points.
  • There’s still a belief that organs and tissues of people can carry certain information to their new bodies. This belief is most actively practiced when it’s necessary to donate and implant a heart. All this is connected to a belief that a human heart is the centerpiece of the entire body and can influence the life of its new owner a lot.

  • Personal judgement.
  • There should be no such points in your project. Nobody has a right to nag at people for their decision. Even though organ donation can save many lives, a person has a right to decide where their organs will be after their death.

If you feel that something you’ve done has gone wrong, turn to your teacher for help. You will receive the needed explanations and some correction of your direction if you have lost it. turn to your teacher with a draft of your project and find out what’s out of place in your research.