A Well-Written Sample Essay On Human Trafficking Intervention Proposal

Millions of vulnerable people are trafficked annually around the globe. For financial gains, the traffickers kidnap and manipulate the victims to go to different parts of the world and perform inhumane activities. Such may include pornography, drug trade and terrorism. Finding an intervention to human trafficking is hence vital.

The Gross Nature of Human Trafficking

Global human trafficking is one of the fastest growing industries today. With over 21 million people enslaved today, the revenues collected are enormous. In fact, over 10 billion dollars are made annually from human trafficking and the related activities such as sex trade. If an intervention is not made, a lot of profit will be made at the expense of the victims.
Remarkably, women and girls from developing nations have formed the bulk of individuals trafficked to the developed nations. This is because they are vulnerable and unable to defend themselves. Still, the culture in some societies in such that women have little or no choice in regards to their careers or their source of income. If anything, they are taught that submitting to men will help them achieve happiness and peace of mind.

The Most Ideal Intervention

Based on the causes of human trafficking, the best intervention to consider is empowerment of women and girls. It is only when the gender understands their human rights that they will stop participating in activities that demean them. They will be able to go against the demands by their cultures and instead pursue professional and personal goals in life.
Survivors of human trafficking should not be requested to go back to their homes without any assistance. Rather, they should be taken through courses that equip them with skills that can help start their own businesses or get gainful employment. Otherwise, women and girls will continue to allow the grievous exploitation because they do not have alternatives in life.
Women and girls empowerment should not only be an intervention made by civic movements, but it should also be encouraged by the policy makers. Laws that rule out any form of human trafficking should be implemented. At the same time, policies to empower women and girls should be created. Resources to rescue the victims should also be availed by the government.
Indeed, women and girls empowerment is the ideal intervention to end human trafficking. Since the gender is susceptible to such crimes, they should be empowered to make the right choices in life and move on after being rescued from the traffickers.