Expert Advice On How To Write A Good Descriptive Essay In 30 Minutes

Sometimes, teachers ask students to write essays during their classes. This is much more difficult than writing a paper at home because you have a very short period of time to complete your task. To write a decent descriptive paper in less than thirty minutes, you should know exactly what steps to take during your work.

Writing a Descriptive Essay in Half an Hour

  1. Coming up with a topic: two minutes.
  2. Since you won’t be able to conduct a study before writing, select a topic that will be easy to describe. Think about something that you know and understand. Remember, however, that your topic should meet the topic requirements stated by your teacher.

  3. Making an outline: three minutes.
  4. Take a sheet of paper and quickly indicate what sections you’ll divide your paper into and what you’ll include there. Mention only the main points. An outline won’t let you get stuck during the writing process.

  5. Write the introduction: five minutes.
  6. Your opening paragraph shouldn’t be long. Its main purpose is to attract the reader and make them understand what your paper is about. Provide brief information about the subject of your description and put your thesis statement at the end of this paragraph.

  7. Write the body: ten minutes.
  8. You should spend most of your time on this section. Here, you should present the actual descriptions of your topic. Start each aspect of your description in a new paragraph. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence.

  9. Write the conclusion: five minutes.
  10. The last paragraph should sum up everything written in the body. You may also write about the role of the subject under review on your life to make the reader understand why it’s important to learn about it.

  11. Revise your essay: three minutes.
  12. Once the writing process is finished, you should look through your text and try to spot grammar mistakes, typos, and so on. Correct every error that you notice.

  13. Create a title: two minutes.
  14. The title of your paper should contain the keywords from your text and give the reader an idea of what your academic work is about.

Improving Your Writing Skills

To compose excellent papers without serious preparations, you should have good writing skills. To develop them, you should practice academic writing regularly. Spend a couple of hours every weekend to write different essays just for yourself. This way, you’ll be ready for any school academic assignment and will get mostly excellent marks.